LCCS Missional Outreach Program

  • Purpose: to educate students spiritually so they can be prepared for the ministry the Lord has for their lives

    Kindergarten-4th: K-2nd & 3rd-4th each chooses a Class Ministry OR Missionary such as Prison ministry, children's ministry, Dream Center, Maia Moms, Foreign Missionary, etc

    If it is a ministry for the year:

    Do something each month revolving around that ministry
    Discuss how is it affecting student's lives
    Pray for that ministry each day in Worship and at home with parents

    If it is a missionary for the year:

    get picture of missionary
    geography lesson of where they are  -  locate on a map or globe
    talk about what they do as a missionary
    write, email, send something
    pray for that missionary each day in Worship
    teach the children at an early age to "Go Ye" into all the world and preach the Gospel

    Take 3rd-4th graders out on “field experiences” such as

    Fire Dept. - bring Teddy Bears with scriptures written around neck
    Road Construction workers
    Nursing Home visits

    5th - 7th: Team Ministry (a variety of things) - Going and Doing

    1x/month for 2 hours
    7 or 8 people/team - teacher & a mom go out with team
    talk to leaders about mentoring students
    prepare hearts beforehand and pray
    make sure they have forgiven others
    debrief after each visit and say what the Lord did through them
    leaders model a prayer for them to copy- then they do it themselves

    Implement a monthly Missional Project for 3rd-8th graders
    • October -  Food Bank for Cokesbury begins - Cokesbury clean up by LCCS Dads Nursing Home Visit -  throw balloons with patients, look at pictures in room, talk to people, talk loud, activity in lobby, take turns praying for them, bring a little gift
    • November:  Food Bank continues - I Heart Hungry Kids packing party - Operation Christmas Child packing party - Thanksgiving meal given to Mr. Tommy by LCCS families
    • December: Food Bank  contest! - Gift Wrap at Barnes & Noble for the Rice & Beans Ministry
    • January:  Rice & Beans bags decorated for Costa Rica mission trip
    • February: Missionary, Randy Grebe & his wife, visits students and shares the Gospel with them
    • March:  Break
    • April:  help with yard work and prepared meals for one of Cokesbury's members - day trip to Florence for OM Ships Ministry
    • May: LCCS' own National Day of Prayer