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LCCS exists to provide an education opportunity for families desiring a school environment consistent with the biblical character training they are pursuing at home. While moral training must be initiated in the home, for consistency, it is equally important that the same moral standards be reinforced in the academic setting. Positive reinforcement during school hours will help to fill their moral "warehouse" more quickly and provide an optimal learning environment. The two home school days give parents more time to train children and build family identity. This unique structure will help equip the next generation to model biblical behavior while strengthening the family unit.

Since it is the family’s responsibility to provide biblical character training, it is vital that parents model the behaviors they are teaching. This responsibility creates a level of accountability inside of the community to nurture and encourage each other in maintaining spiritual growth. LCCS seeks to support parents in balancing life’s priorities.  Families come along side each other in prioritizing God first, marriage second, parenting third. LCCS desires to let Christ’s light shine through our families, school and into the community, especially at this crucial time in history where we are witnessing first hand the moral decay of the family structure.

LCCS will provide a supportive school environment for children by upholding biblical and moral principles during school. LCCS uniquely provides the following:

  • like-minded teachers, staff and volunteers trained in upholding biblical, behavioral and moral standards
  • a like-minded community of friends for students
  • a positive peer environment
  • a supportive and encouraging peer group for parents
  • parental support
  • support and advice in home schooling
  • daily and weekly feedback regarding student behavior (both positive and negative) allowing parents to encourage and train appropriately
  • monthly Dad’s chapel in which father’s lead worship to demonstrate spiritual headship
  • fellowship and bible study opportunities
  • prayer support for families