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For the purpose of a community school, like-mindedness is defined as a fellowship of committed Christian families adhering to biblical principles. These families are actively pursuing spiritual growth, and agree with the vision, statement of faith and educational philosophy of the school. The school uses GFI’s Growing Kids God’s Way as the means of achieving like-mindedness. Parents must have taken the course and be actively applying its precepts in the home. It is the common denominator that assures the families are on the same page, since they have literally studied the same pages. This ensures that parents, teachers and children are using the same terminology-terms like "couch time," "happy heart" or "freedom."

This is not to discredit any other Christian parenting program; simply put, the community school concept was born out of the GFI ministry to create an educational environment that supports what parents are doing at home - to come alongside parents applying the principles in their homes. Please note, however, that the school’s foundation is and always will be, God and the Bible. GFI or any of its programs are not and will not be elevated to doctrine.